Team as a Service

It’s in our name: essentially we aim for growth, in every sense of the word. Both for the professionals that work with us, as for the clients that use the squad members to grow their business or products.

Minimum Viable Product

Does you company have a great idea for a MVP but lack the capacity or skills to move it forward?

Growth Squad can help you out! We offer companies to hire a Team as a service.

MVP’s or Minimum Viable Products are a great and affordable way to develop new  products without burning through an entire investment budget. By developing only 20% of a product that shows 80% of the products worth for the user. With this minimalistic product you can determine whether your customers have a need for your product, without spending every dime in your budget.

At Growth Squad you can hire a Team as a Service with an Online Marketer, a Designer and a Developer. With this team you have a the skills you need to develop a MVP without having to hire long-term staff.

Want to know more about our Team as a Service? Don’t hesitate to contact us.