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Promodomo and their rise to the top!

Promodomo B.V. is the biggest housing platform in the Netherlands, where customers can sell or buy a house without the help of a realtor. But instead of only showing houses that are available for sale, Promodomo shows all the houses in the Netherlands, those that are for sale, open for an offer and even those not for sale.

As a startup, Promodomo reached out to Growth Squad for help to increase the traffic to their website. We offered Promodomo an in-house trained online marketer with knowledge of copywriting, analytics, SEA and a specialization in SEO to help them increase the traffic to their website. Within four months the traffic to Promodomo’s website increased with 250%.

With the help of the Growth Squad Promodomo has now significantly grown as a company with a clear end goal. Creating a transparent and self sufficient housing market.

Check out the website from Promodomo.

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